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Laboratory Information Systems


 Lab Supply Specialists works with Schuyler House to provide a laboratory information system to our customers. Below are some key features Schuylab can offer your laboratory.





SchuyLab is a reasonably-priced full-featured Laboratory Information System developed by Schuyler House. Fully scalable from a single station to a network of 100+ stations, Schuylab allows you to process as few as 30 specimens daily, or as many as 6000. Schuylab employs the Windows operating platform, and will run on any recent PC-based hardware using Windows.

No laboratory ever has enough techs, or enough time - SchuyLab makes the best use of both. It helps in all your daily tasks: it interfaces instruments, monitors QC, compiles worksheets and daily logs, and collates and prints patient results. A SchuyLab system pays for itself in error reduction, captured missed billing, decreased overtime... while it helps you keep your sanity!


Included in the SchuyLab base system are QC, managment reports, reflex testing, Tun Around Time reports, and unlimited (user defined) worksheets, tests, and panels. SchuyLab meets CLIA requirements for record-keeping and is HIPAA compliant.


SchuyLab grows with your laboratory and you can expand your SchuyLab base system with our modular features: Archiving, AutoFax, AutoVerification, Barcode, Batch Requisitions, Billing, Cytology Export, Imaging, Medical Necessity, Medication, Messaging, Microbiology, Multi-Facility, Order review, QA Review, Refer Tests, Remote Printing, Review Results, SchuyMed, SchuyNet, System Interfaces.


More results for less effort -- SchuyLab helps you use yout current resources to their fullest, and gives you the tools you need to expand and meet new challenges.


Location: 5613 Glenview Dr.
Haltom City, TX 76117
Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00am -5:00pm CST



Telephone: 817-637-5381

Fax: 817-788-8864



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